Tranc3motion Welcomes The Thrillseekers for 1-year Anniversary Party

If you are a trance music fan like myself and happen to be in Sofia on Feb 19th, then I know the perfect place for you to be at: The Thrillseekers’ 4-hour classics set at Tranc3motion’s 1-year anniversary party!

Party like no other

The hottest trance party this winter will be held at the Live & Loud club in Sofia. Steve Helstrip, also known as The Thrillseekers, will make sure to keep you warm with the best of “15 years of trance”. Doors open at 11 pm on Feb 19th, see you there! Tickets are available on TicketLogic. More info also available in the Facebook event and at


Who is The Thrillseekers (in case you don’t know yet)?

The Thrillseekers (Steve Helstrip) is an English trance DJ, record producer and remixer. He has been at the forefront of the trance genre since 1999 when his track, “Synaesthesia” was released. Other names you might know him by are En Motion, Insigma, Morpheus,  Rapid Eye, and Hydra. In his 15-year long career, he’s worked with other trance music legends like Tiësto, Ferry Corsten, Sonique, Chicane.

For me personally, the first time I was able to enjoy The Thrillseekers’ music was back in 2008. I was still in high school and was just starting to dive into the world of electronic music. Armin van Buuren’s ASOT (A State Of Trance) weekly podcast was something I was looking forward to. Not having many friends who were open to this musical genre, I was really happy to swap tracks with a classmate of mine. I don’t remember if he was the one to send me “Waiting Here For You” or I heard it on ASOT, but I remember this was the first song by The Thrillseekers I was exposed to. From then on, I continued seeking out his music and enjoying it. Some other tracks of his I love are “Affinity“, “Dreaming of You” and many others.

Tranc3motion – crowdfunding electronic music concerts

We all know crowdfunding became really popular in the last few years with platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo gathering product/service providers and their future clients and making it possible for those two groups to meet and help each other.

tranc3motion-thrillseekersTranc3motion is also a crowdfunding initiative but for organizing electronic music concerts. How innovative! The idea was born merely a year ago, but for this short period of time they succeeded in organizing events with trance music giants like Aly&Fila, Sean Tyas, Photographer, Indecent Noise, etc. I was able to speak to Violeta Boneva, who’s the founder of this wonderful organization and she shared how she started the whole thing, is it easy to maintain and organize events, what are some of the big tackles they were able to overcome during their first year of existence. Read on!

Me: Great initiative you got going here, Vili! Tranc3motion sounds like the future of organizing events and concerts. How did you come up with the idea?

Violeta Boneva: Hahah sure hope so :) At the end of the day the organization’s main goal is to also inspire other people to work towards making their dreams come true, whether it’s by inviting their favorite DJ or anything else, really. I started organizing events in 2013, however as a one man team you can imagine is quite difficult, very close to impossible. I was unable to hold the front financially without any help so at one point I gave up. Then on a random day I just had a talk with a friend from Belarus, who is a part of an organization similar to Tranc3motion. It inspired me to give it a go in Bulgaria too by tweaking some of the processes to make it happen to adapt to our local crowd. Then in a group on Facebook I started a discussion and I was fairly direct: “Do you want trance events in Bulgaria? If yes, help me make them happen”. And what I thought would be a major fail is now a group of 50+ happy peeps, who’ve been partying almost every month for a year now :)


A shot from the Aly&Fila party Tranc3motion held in 2015

Me: What are some of the challenges of organizing such events and how do you overcome them?

VB: It is challenging to have everything in sync, as once an event is confirmed there are a lot of things that have to happen at once. You have to sign contracts with the artist, book flights, book hotels, book the club, book the technical stuff that you might need, you need to have the designer working on the artwork, basically everything blows up at once. In order to make it easier we have divided the responsibilities and recently even started appointing team leaders who would follow up on each activity. That builds trust between people and once you have that – you minimize the stress!

Me: How many people are on your team and how is the work distributed between them?

VB: We are about 50 and there is always new people joining, but some also leaving, but it’s been steady on this number for now. We did a thread where people could share if they have any talents they can help with, or if they work in an area that could be beneficial, so yeah basically designers, Djs, people who work at printing & PR companies, marketing, social media managers, we have a bit of everything. This cuts quite a lot of our costs, as those are done on a volunteer basis. It is an opportunity for people to develop their skills within the organization and lots of them want to be as involved as possible.


Photo credit: Tranc3motion

Me: What can the people attending The Thrillseekers’ concert expect? Do you have any surprises planned?

VB: You know what, Steve is a surprise himself. I have seen him so many times live and he has always been very different, so even for a veteran like me, I am totally unprepared for what is about to come. One thing I am certain of is that there will be a lot of happy tears, as definitely knows how to do that to people through music. Our events are special in a way, because you have 200 people who know exactly why they are at this particular event, they love this particular music and this particular DJ, so the atmosphere, the energy and the adrenaline during the night will be indescribable.

Me: Awesome, wish you all the best. We await all the trance lovers on Feb 19th at Live & Loud for a great party!

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