ReVising and ReShaping New Year’s ReSolutions for 2016

Resolutions again! Trust the end of the year to come for your news feed to be flooded with articles stating 2016 resolutions. Well, I’ve come to join the party as well. So, behold, dear reader…

Seems like yesterday when I was writing my aspirations for 2015. The time has come to revise and evaluate the old ones and reshape them into new ones.

2015 was a very dynamic year for me – a lot has changed – for the better, I’m sure of that. I’m trying to avoid judging things, people and situation so I won’t say if it was a good or a bad year. It was a year – full of new experiences, lessons, insights. I learned to view things from a different perspective or at least I try to. It’s been shown to me that life is not exactly what we, as a society, see.

ReVising the 2015 ReSolutions

I’ve read a few books that have really broaden my horizons. I’ve written my review about one of them – The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma. The other two books that really shook up my world and the way I used to see it are Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now and Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch. I still haven’t finished them because those aren’t books you can just read for a weekend. They both make you stop in the middle of the page and ponder. Which brings me to the revision of one of my resolutions for 2015: “Read more books“. Yeah, I want to read more, but quality always beats quantity. So, in the end, I think what matters more is what you read and how it makes you feel, not how many books you read.

reading for resolutions

Moving on to another 2015 resolution of mine: “Start taking a yoga or Pilates class“. Well. Check. I tried a few different yoga/Pilates classes, different locations, different teachers but finally ended up in Yoga Mandala here in Sofia. They have various classes and practices, I’ve tried a few and decided which ones fit my interests now. I recommend Mandala to anyone in the area looking for a nice yoga class for the body, mind and spirit. I’ve also taken up climbing (as an amateur of course) and so far I dare to say I find it pretty exciting and fulfilling. So I guess those two things actually count as hobbies, since that was another resolution on my list (“Find a new hobby“). Yay!


Rachel Brathen doing yoga

The first resolution on my last year’s list was “Continue learning programming“. I did dig a little deeper but for now I think I’ll focus more on my marketing knowledge and skills. I got inbound certified by HubSpot and I’m looking forward to learning more in this field. Though I definitely learned more about programming, different programming languages and technologies since I was the main copywriter for the Software University blog. I did some good research while writing articles there. We’ll see how things regarding my learning will develop next year :)

Two things on my 2015 list that are very important for me – “Travel more” and “Cook more” actually didn’t really become true. My travelling endeavors only lasted for a day or two and were in the boundaries of my country. I had a long trip to Slovakia, yeah (we drove through Serbia and Hungary to get there), but it was a business trip that only lasted 2 days (don’t ask, 2000 km in 2 days, awesome). So travelling and cooking go on the top of my list for 2016.

ReShaping the 2016 ReSolutions

So what do I want to accomplish in this upcoming new year? Let’s see:

  • Travel more – Like I said, travelling goes on the top of my list for 2016. This is actually something I’ve wanted to do since I was kid. And not to be a tourist and take pictures in front of the Colosseum (see pic below, hehe). I actually want to take some time and get to know the culture of the county I visit.
  • Cook more – This ancient activity people have been performing for centuries is something I need to do more often. Saves you money and after all, it’s a home-cooked meal.
  • Read books that broaden my horizons – Yes, I had to make some changes here for obvious reasons. More books on psychology, philosophy, spiritual topics. I’m not leaving fiction and young adults novels behind, just enhancing the books-to-read list.
  • Improve professional skills – It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about marketing, social media, copywriting, big data, programming here. You can’t stay in one place regarding your skills and expect for your career to go forward.
  • Save more – for the past year I’ve been using a very helpful Android app – Pocket Expense. It’s shown me what I spend most of my money on, but I have to do the hard work and optimize my budget so I can have more savings.
  • Be more: loving, open, positive – Like it can ever be enough. I’d like to be more open to the world, think more positively, learn to control my mind (since negative thoughts are born from an uncontrolled mind). Positive vibes, free soul, patience, love and harmony is what I want for myself! I wish those things to you as well, unknown reader. Have a joyful and prosperous new year!

Veni vidi vici #colosseum #Rome #Italy

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