My Interview with Java Ninja David Blevins

At SoftUni we organize regular free seminars on different topics – technologies, hardware, marketing, psychology, etc. The topics vary and the lecturers are usually people who are pros in their field. Here’s a full list of all past and future seminars.

Last month, we had the honor to host a talk by a real Java ninja – David Blevins. He’s a veteran of Open Source Java EE in both implementing and defining Java EE specifications for over 10 years, founder of Tomitribe and co-creator of TomEE. David is a regular speaker at JavaOne, Devoxx, ApacheCon, OSCon, JAX and Java-focused conferences.

David Blevins at SoftUni

The Interview with David Blevins

Before the talk, we made a short video interview. You can see my conversation with David here:

The seminar

David Blevins talked on Apache TomEE, JavaEE Web Profile on Tomcat. You can catch the whole lecture right here:

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