Handmade Christmas Cards ❅

I’ve never been quite good with the arts and crafts stuff, but I really had a blast when a couple weeks ago me and my friend (and colleague) Alex had to make a pile of Christmas cards for SoftUni‘s partners. I found out that what it really takes is some good materials and some imagination to create miracles. All of the things we used – paper, stamps, cardboard, craft scissors, hot silicone gun, different color markers, color duck tape, we bought at a cute little shop called Slanchogled. You can find amazing things there.

Anyway, we had one night to make 40 Christmas cards, so we got down to business. At first I wasn’t sure what to do, but Alex has been making wonderful cards for different occasions for quite a while now, so I had a good example. I took pictures of some of the cards I made, so you can take a look at them and let me know what you think. :) Those were my first handmade Christmas cards, or any cards actually. We made all 40 of them in about 4 hours, if you’re wondering. :)

What about you? How did you surprise your friends and relatives these holidays?


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