Inbound Certification from HubSpot

A couple of weeks ago I was introduced to the Inbound Certification program by HubSpot. Since I have a passion for learning and a deep interest in inbound marketing, I thought it would be a great resource to add something new to my knowledge and to get a certificate upon passing the 60-questions test. I […]

My Interview with Java Ninja David Blevins

At SoftUni we organize regular free seminars on different topics – technologies, hardware, marketing, psychology, etc. The topics vary and the lecturers are usually people who are pros in their field. Here’s a full list of all past and future seminars. Last month, we had the honor to host a talk by a real Java ninja […]

5 Most Common Marketing Misconceptions

I’ve been profoundly educating myself in the area of marketing for a while now, using different sources. Of course, there are different opinions, conclusions and tips marketing people are giving. Some of them are tested and proven over time, others sound a little bit suspicious. What are the most common marketing misconceptions out there? Read […]

St. Valentine’s Special: Geeky, not Cheesy

In the light of the approaching international holiday – St. Valentine’s Day (when couples spend millions of dollars all around the world for cheesy looking stuffed hearts, flowers and candy, and the singles spend money on liquor or distractions from the thought that they’re alone that night), I thought I’d share my opinion on the situation. […]

Live in the present, be in the moment

Last week I watched a talk on TED by Matt Killingsworth – Want to be happier? Stay in the moment, and it really got me thinking. How present are we actually? Do our minds wander a lot? Do we live in the moment? So, the talk was about this app Matt developed – Track Your Happiness that lets people report their […]

How to keep yourself motivated?

Motivation is the drive in us that makes us want to achieve more, to go further, to be harder, better, faster, stronger. It is actually mostly the thing that keeps us going, beside our instinct for survival. As a whole I’ve never had a problem with being motivated – ever since I remember, I was […]